Where the Damn Sidewalk Ends

shelby Betsy Beers

“The kidnapper has a lollipop. The kidnapper has a keen car. The car can go fast. Tell the nice kidnapper that your daddy has lots of money. Then maybe he will let you ride in the car.”

And drink scotch kids to make you jump higher; mommy loves baby more than you; tell your mom to buy a gigolo; tell everyone that your dad is a junkie; call the cops on your parents…

–From Shel Silverstein’s “Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book: a Primer for Tender Young Minds”

Many years after it came out, the publisher was forced to label ‘adults only’ on this subversive book that was intentionally written for children by Playboy magazine’s Shel Silverstein –the beloved children’s author, whose pornographic literature, art and songs promote child drug and alcohol use, incest, orgies, homosexuality and prostitution. This is not about his personal sin or lifestyle. It is about his work.

I’ve done it. I’ve loved him –and left him. Beware what you introduce your children to. Oh but “The Giving Tree”! and “Where the Sidewalk Ends”! I’ll tell you where the damn sidewalk ends.

What we have done thus far, Christian parents, is obviously not working. It does not matter what we think is whimsical, educational or funny. Every generation that comes up is more wicked and ungodly than the previous. We can no longer afford to flirt with the world. Jesus said love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.

At bedtime, read your kids the word of God, not poems penned by Hugh Hefner’s  BFF, and the only famous author who ever intentionally lured children into debauchery and sexual perversion.

Satan himself appears as an angel of light, but really Christian people? How hard is it to discern this one? For the love of God, just look at the first paragraph of his Wikipedia post.



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