Tiny Hot Dog, Big God

grillby Betsy Beers

In my living room where several dozen gifts and several hundred pieces of toys and various things had been strewn, and where armfuls of wrapping paper had been stuffed into trash bags, and where Lucy’s shameless abundance of gifts was still towering these many days since Christmas, and where I had swept at least once a day because of my all-dirt backyard from the chickens –there went missing a tiny American Girl Doll hot hog.

It was just the hot dog, not the bun–1/2 an inch,  maybe 3/4, but that would ruin the whole barbecue set. Now she would only have one (nitrate free, organic) hot dog  for the two teeny buns.

For well over a week we had been cleaning and keeping after the cat and the kids who were constantly messing with Lucy’s stuff. God only knew where that little plastic piece was! Literally.  Probably long gone via the dust pan, balled up wrapping paper, animal bowels, furniture crevices…..according to Lucy’s transient fears.

Transient! When she came to me with this 12 year old girl problem I assured her,  “God knows where that hot dog is.”

Perceiving her objection I continued, “When it went missing he knew we would want and ask for it, so it’s here somewhere.  Ok so Lord! You know where that little hot dog is and we have an anointing from the Holy One and know all things, so you show me or Lucy where it is, in Jesus’ name. Put all your stuff in your room and we will find it.”

A couple days later after everything was put away and organized, Lucy came to me in the kitchen,  “Oh Mommy, I found the hot dog.”

It had been waiting in a corner, having apparently missed my broom several times.

Is our God big enough to care about a tiny plastic hot dog?




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