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How to Give OUT of Poverty


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Prison Mommies …and You

 I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison, and ye came unto Me. Petite blonde, tight ponytail, sentenced for unintentional hit and run manslaughter of a man on a bicycle — her 12 year-old daughter and 2 … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Surprised

Dearest Friends & Partners We should never be surprised when the enemy attacks, but should instead be prepared to resist him and watch him flee. He craves the power you have, but don’t you give it to him! Talk like … Continue reading

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Tiny Hot Dog, Big God

by Betsy Beers In my living room where several dozen gifts and several hundred pieces of toys and various things had been strewn, and where armfuls of wrapping paper had been stuffed into trash bags, and where Lucy’s shameless abundance of gifts was … Continue reading

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House Church vs Building Church

by Betsy Beers Is house church better than cathedral, sanctuary, or public school rental church? No. Everyone’s needs are different, and the big, more institutionalized churches can cater to family and community needs in great varieties of ways. But now, … Continue reading

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Just One Thing…

by Betsy Beers Every Christian is well acquainted with the Corinthian Church’s divisiveness, the members boasting that one was of Paul, one of Cephas, one of Apollos, and another of Christ. Paul began his rebuke to them, “Now I beseech you, brethren, by … Continue reading

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Where the Damn Sidewalk Ends

by Betsy Beers “The kidnapper has a lollipop. The kidnapper has a keen car. The car can go fast. Tell the nice kidnapper that your daddy has lots of money. Then maybe he will let you ride in the car.” … Continue reading

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