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Prison Mommies …and You

 I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison, and ye came unto Me. Petite blonde, tight ponytail, sentenced for unintentional hit and run manslaughter of a man on a bicycle — her 12 year-old daughter and 2 … Continue reading

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Where the Damn Sidewalk Ends

by Betsy Beers “The kidnapper has a lollipop. The kidnapper has a keen car. The car can go fast. Tell the nice kidnapper that your daddy has lots of money. Then maybe he will let you ride in the car.” … Continue reading

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Homosexuality’s NOT a Sin?

It is homophobia that is now sin, not homosexuality. Get with the times Christian people. But, you know something? The progressive, new moral bar-raisers are right. Cheers. Homophobia is a sin. I actually don’t know anyone who is guilty of homophobiaing … Continue reading

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What I Learned About Healing From The Hulk

Sitting on the couch watching tv with Lucy and Patrick, and feeling like a huge loser for some reason –wanting to cry, but maybe later –Lucy whimpered. She had banged her mouth earlier that day. The pain would go away … Continue reading

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Could a Demon Be Harassing Your Kid?

(An excerpt from Betsy’s book Dude I Think Your Mom Healed Me available at About our children’s behavior, we struggle, pray, scream, count, read, study, cry and medicate but still, no relief. The answer may be rebellion, bad nutrition, overmedication, … Continue reading

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Your Angel Child Your Chronic Brat

Or, How to Put Kid’s First So They Put Self Last It was a race to the finish on the blistering pavement. With anxious paper towels in my hands, I hovered over my four-year old, who was hovering over a … Continue reading

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My Annual Halloween Bash

by Betsy Beers One of my grown kids surprised me when he asked, “Why do you hate Halloween so much?” Surely after all our years of Harvest Festivals and Hallelujah parties, he knew why. Yes I know he did. Because … Continue reading

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